by Boom Forest

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A final song to my mother.


Scarlet O'Hara, where did you go?
You've gone away into the snow
Your words they confuse me
You bite when you kiss
A whole life of feelings
But none quite like this

Now she's gone
Back to Seattle
Now she's gone, take him away
Now she's gone, and you'll never see them
And she's left with a memory
Of words that no mother should say

Scarlet O'Hara, your hate was the key
To this lonely prison you built around me
All solitude and I found no peace
For your love was to lead me along on a leash

Now I'm gone
Going back to Nashville
Yeah, I'm gone
Singing my silly songs
I'm gone, best be retreating
Before you tell me things that you thought of me all along

We're gone, left you on the mountain
Yeah, we're gone our father's there too
Yeah, we're gone and you're never leaving
And we're left with a memory of someone that we never knew


released August 29, 1902
A single take with Eric Hillman of Foreign Fields on Piano



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